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Navigating the Wild World of CBD and Delta: A Guide from the Founders of Plantsource

Welcome to the bustling and often bewildering market of CBD and Delta products. From gas stations, vape stores to online stores, the choices are seemingly endless, but not all options are created equal. At Plantsource, we’re committed to guiding you through this maze with the best possible products at reasonable prices.

Why We Started Plantsource

My wife Kara and I entered the CBD industry with a clear mission: to demystify the shopping experience and provide products you can trust. The genesis of Plantsource came from a simple realization: many products were overpriced due to unnecessary middlemen. We decided to change the narrative.

Our Partnership with a Michigan Hemp Farm

We partnered directly with a hemp farm in Michigan, known for its rigorous soil and third-party testing, ensuring that we could oversee every aspect of production from seed to bottle. This direct involvement eliminates middlemen, ensuring that our customers enjoy superior quality without overpaying.

Our Commitment to Quality and Education

At Plantsource, we don’t just sell products; we sell solutions tailored to individual needs. Having served thousands of customers since 2018, we’ve built a rich knowledge base to help you find exactly what works for you, without the costly trial and error. Our approach is straightforward: educate first, sell second.

Common Mistakes When Buying CBD and Delta Products

1.Choosing Based on Price Alone: Too often, customers opt for lower-priced, lower-strength products, leading to disappointment. It's crucial to select the right strength for your needs, not just the cheapest option.

2. Buying from Uneducated Retailers: Knowledge is power, especially in the CBD market. We pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to education, ensuring you feel confident and informed with every purchase.

3. Neglecting Third-Party Testing: Always check for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third-party lab. This certificate details everything in the product, affirming its quality and compliance.

4. Overlooking Reputation: Not all stores are created equal. It’s wise to read reviews and gather referrals to gauge the credibility and customer satisfaction of a store.

Why Choose Plantsource?

At Plantsource, we limit our inventory to what we believe are the best products available — not hundreds of options to sift through. Our curated selection reflects our commitment to quality over quantity, and our customer reviews speak volumes about our dedication to your wellness.

We understand that the journey with CBD and Delta products doesn't end with a purchase. That's why we offer continued support to ensure you get the most out of every product. This commitment to your health and satisfaction is why we believe Plantsource isn’t just a shop, but a community.

Visit Us Today

Feel free to check out our Google reviews and visit our locations to see why our customers trust us with their CBD and Delta needs. At Plantsource, your health and wellness are always our top priority.

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